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The Janitor

I’m traveling (in DC for the last few days, and headed to Boston tomorrow then home) and will be back on a regular schedule next week.

Today, though, I ran across this blog post and wanted to share it here:

A Janitor’s 10 Lessons in Leadership

By Col. James Moschgat, 12th Operations Group Commander, graduate USAFA class of 1977

It’s a moving story (and we’re all suckers for those) but it contains some basic points that deserve the attention of people who are using social media.

And there’s a larger point we ought to take away.

In the story there was originally a divide between “those that mattered” – the students at the Air Force Academy – and “those who didn’t” – the janitor.

The most interesting point to me isn’t the moral trap that the students fell into by buying that model; it’s the change in the social dynamic that took place when they dropped it.

The key to conversation-based communication is that everyone counts.