Kudzu Content

Over the weekend, I was reading ReadWrite Web and TechCrunch about ‘content farms’ like Demand Media and the new Aol.

MacManus and Arrington are deeply worried about what they see (MacManus):

So is the Web becoming awash with low-quality content produced by content farms like Demand Media, Answers.com and now AOL? Yes it is.

From my analysis of Demand Media and similar sites, such content is very generic and lacks depth. While I wouldn’t go as far as wikiHow founder Jack Herrick and say that it “lacks soul,” it certainly lacks passion and often also lacks knowledge of the topic at hand. Arrington’s analogy with fast food is apt – it is content produced quickly and made to order.


Danziger’s (Hierarchy of Survival) Law

It’s more of a ‘hierarchy’ than a law, but I always wanted a law…here’s something I just put together for a presentation I’m doing tomorrow that’s so right, Jack Black should have done it.

Danziger's Law

It’s a hierarchy for small business survival in the marketing sphere. Maybe even for big business. I’ll explain tomorrow afternoon…