Getting Right After Getting It Wrong

So for money, I do work for giant corporations and startups. For fun I think about mom-and-pop businesses (and somewhat bigger), thinking about how the changes in technology and behavior effect them.

I do presentations for free to Rotary and CofC groups, and talk about a variety of things. One topic that always comes up is complaints – what to do about them.

Life was kind enough to  hand me an example of how to do it right.

I recently bought a new Toyota pickup truck (you need something to haul the motorcycles to the mechanic). I tried to buy it at DCH, the dealer a mile from out house, and didn’t have a great experience. I shrugged it off, and bought the truck online (although I had to use the Internet to help the broker find the exact configuration I wanted…).


Back to blogging…

It’s been a while since I’ve written here; I was doing work for a client who jealously guards their privacy and was unhappy about the remote change I’d write about anything relevant to them. The first rule of working for…

But I have a different client now, and let me stretch my legs and see what kinds of things I can talk about.