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The Future of Media is (Shockingly!) Conversational

The kind folks at – an online site dedicated to the profession of journalism – were kind enough to invite me to put up an article building on my remarks to the LA Press Club a few weeks ago.

Here’s the opening:

Every media brand in existence is working to build a community.

Most of them won’t succeed.

Many won’t succeed because the business organizations that are trying to implement the communities are themselves crumbling, caught in a downdraft of declining revenues, causing cuts resulting in declining quality which leads to declining audiences who pay less and are less valuable to advertisers – and so on.

And some won’t succeed because they are doing community wrong – treating it as an adjunct, a bolt-on feature, or a simple expansion of “letters to the editor.”

That’s not community, it’s not going to drive audience ‘engagement,’ and it’s not going to lead to sustainable new business models.

Go read the whole thing, as they say…