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Doing It Right

So I have a bunch of hobbies, and – shockingly – am on email lists or discussion boards for many of them.

That’s the core power of social media – the ability to find and join highly specialized conversations that are specifically relevant to you.

On one of my email lists today, one of the members – not a frequent contributor, but a participant – jumped into a conversation about a $2,000 product another of the listers was thinking about buying.

He is subscribed under his corporate email – he works for Leupold, a competing manufacturer in the space – and he gave a precise and thoughtful critique of the product that was being considered, informed by his professional expertise.

He wrapped up by hinting at some products that were currently under wraps, and promised to let us know about them as soon as he could.

That’s pretty darn good; it raises my trust in his company, piques my interest in his future products, and leaves me with a contact in a vendor whose products I already own.