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Building A Social Media Plan

So let me work this out in public a bit.

I want to develop and execute a social media plan on the cheap – for Long Beach Opera, where I’m a board member.

So I thought it’d be interesting to track what I’m trying to do, what I do, and how it works.

LBO is a small avant garde opera company based near me in Long Beach – but it has established an international reputation through it’s imaginative work.

The company is run on the coffee budget of the neighboring Los Angeles Opera, and we’re looking to find ways to broaden the base of people in the region who are aware of us, engaged with us, and who we can start out as ticket buyers and move up the ladder of involvement and support.

We have a very small staff and Board, so we need to find a way to do that which leverages our efforts as much as possible.

Obviously, I’m thinking a campaign that includes social media – but isn’t driven entirely by it – is the path that will get us where we want to go.

What are the goals?

To increase awareness of the Company in the region and in the arts community worldwide.

To bring people to our performances, and to advance our audience from ticket buyers to subscribers to donors.

How will we do this? Well for starters, here are the goals I’d start with…

Offering a window into the workings of the company and a connection to the artists who create the work.

Expanding the reach of the work that the Company does virtually (taking elements of performances, establishing themes and offering them online).

So let me work out some ways to do those things…